I like to make things.

But I’m not too good at creating from scratch. I like to take what has already served its purpose and give it new options.

Like long-forsaken books at Goodwill. Or the well-intentioned stack of paper bags by the fridge.

After lots of practice, I’m ready to share my creations and ideas.

Journal Projects

If you’d like to commission any work, collaborate in creativity, or simply have a lot of paper bags…

  • Peg


    This was my first custom order, and I made it for a woman who was losing her battle with cancer – but winning at living her life. A journal serves as a sort of container, to hold the extra pieces, extra experiences, extra emotions that don’t always have a spot in our bodies.

  • Sophia


    An old census record and a new manilla folder came together for this beauty – that I ended up using myself. 🙂

  • Cleopatra


    What a fun book to pull apart! I’m always a sucker for maps and history, and there were many treasures to highlight in this project.